The Company



The integrity we demonstrated with our vendors, customers, partners, and clients is vouched by overwhelming positive reviews we have received. Rest assured that we are in your corner, helping you implement business practices that reflect the same strength and integrity.


We value exclusivity with our partner companies. Our scope goes beyond selling merchandise to upholding and protecting your brand. With our rigid MAP compliance efforts, we secure your position in the marketplace


As we continuously concoct new ideas, we bring in world-class talents to develop better products and enhance our processes, yielding better returns on all our shareholders’ investments.


Headquartered in Spotswood, New Jersey with offices in Brooklyn, New York, LPBS is at the forefront of manufacturing and distributing superior quality products across the US and abroad.

Our catalog showcases a wide array of finest products of diverse brands from automotive, baby, clothing and apparel, health and personal care, beauty and fashion, baby, computers and accessories, home appliances, home improvement, kitchen, lawn and garden, office products and supplies, sports and outdoors, toys and games, wireless items, and a lot more.

Spearheaded by all-time entrepreneur, seasoned businessman, and online sales innovator Barry Feuerwerker whose experience and competence gleaned from mastering both sides of the trade – selling and purchasing, LPBS has continued to thrive in the realm of production, marketing, and distribution of brands.


Transforming products into brands.

Helmed by established and well-versed retail and e-tail innovators, LPBS Corp boasts a wide selection of product listings. Through our unparalleled commitment to helping our partner companies expand their markets, we have transformed products into renowned brands from consumer electronics to household goods, health supplies and cosmetics, clothing and apparel, novelty items, and to toys and games.

Exceptionality through exclusivity.

LPBS maintains solid relationships with over 300 vendors and exclusive distribution rights from a long list of influential manufacturers across the globe. Founded in 2008, our sales have grown exponentially throughout the US and tapping into international markets of the UK, Germany, France, and beyond.

LPBS has taken nameless items stocked from the back of the shelves to the top of the best-selling lists. Forging a power-brand exposure and front-page listings for our clients for over a decade, LPBS has consistently been featured as a gold and a platinum-level seller.

A vertically integrated commitment.

Manufacturing through distribution. Marketing through fulfillment. Brand development through Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) compliance. Our entire suite of brand evangelists, product cheerleaders and marketing mavens is dedicated to a single goal: Driving your business forward.

To safeguard our brands, we employ targeted marketing research and apply our industry expertise to identify and eliminate non-MAP compliant competitors from the market.