Our Mission

Dedicated to raising the bar and pushing new boundaries on behalf of our partners and their brands. We’re proud of those we represent and the work we do, taking diverse and influential brands from local to global channels across marketing and distribution.

The Company

Transforming products into brands.

Founded in 2008, LPBS is an established, trusted company with a reputation cemented by successful brand-building across a broad range of product categories. From consumer electronics to household goods, health supplies, cosmetics, apparel, toys, games, and beyond –we remain committed to helping our partners expand their distribution and enter new markets, both locally and internationally.

Global Reach

We’ve invested in building key relationships with hundreds of vendors and exclusive distribution rights with influential manufacturers around the world. With notable success in the US, UK, Germany, and France, we are committed to sustained development in global markets.

Exponential Growth

We’re proud of our status and have consistently featured as gold and platinum-level sellers for many years. Our team has identified, nurtured, and supported partners through all stages of their business, taking underperforming, nameless items to best-seller status with front-page listings.

Dedicated Professionals

We deliver a high-quality, fully integrated service that supports and promotes our partner’s products and business intently. Our entire suite of brand evangelists, product experts, and marketing mavens share a unified goal of driving your business forward to deliver results.


As a business, we strive to surpass clients’ expectations and continually invest in our people to ensure we deliver the highest levels of service and support. To further add value, we help safeguard our partner’s brands by using targeted market research to identify and eliminate non-MAP-compliant competitors from the market.


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